Prevention is better than cure.

This adage does not just apply to our health. It is confirmed over and again in legal practice, particularly in the area of trade and industry.

You are a businessman / businesswoman

A week ago, a customer phoned up for a quote for several of your products. You faxed him the offer three days ago. Yesterday, he sent you his order, also by fax. Now you rush to send him your confirmation by post. Your general conditions of sale are printed on the back of the confirmation. Are you sure that your terms actually apply in the newly established contractual relationship? In particular, will your warranty conditions apply in case of possible difficulties?

You are an industrialist or a director of a service company

e.g. in IT or public relations)

In order to avoid disputes with your customers, you have decided to base your business transactions on a standard form contract, which comes from a business rival or a supplier and seems to fit your needs. You entrusted an employee in the sales department with adapting the contract to the requirements of your company. Are you sure that the contractual terms adopted are really of good quality and meet your specific needs, and that the changes you requested have preserved the coherence of the original text?

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